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Micrel Launches New 2-Port Switch For ‘Triple Play’ Applications

San Jose, Calif. — Micrel Inc. today announced the KS8842M, the industry’s first 2-port Ethernet device, with a third port that can be directly connected to microprocessors through a generic 8-or 16-bit (Micrel’s KS8842-16MQL) or 32-bit (Micrel’s KS8842-32MQL) bus interface. The new Ethernet solution is aimed at embedded and industrial networking applications.

“Micrel’s KS8842M addresses the worldwide Ethernet market’s growing need for cost-effective solutions in embedded and industrial applications,” said Grahame Cooney, director, Micrel Ethernet group. “Not only can the KS8842M replace two single port Ethernet controllers with one streamlined solution, but the IC is flexible, offering multiple device functionality and a cost-effective, low power solution. This makes it an ideal solution for use in real-time Ethernet applications, or for daisy-chaining devices together in industrial controller applications.”

The KS8842M is a state-of-the-art, 2-port Ethernet device that can be configured as a fully managed, Layer-2 switch with the third port connected to a host processor. Highly versatile, it can also be configured as a Repeater for use in latency-critical applications in Industrial Ethernet where all packets from one port are broadcast to the remaining two ports, bypassing the lookup tables used in a typical store-and-forward switch architecture. The device may also be used to replace two single Ethernet controllers with a single KS8842M IC where network traffic is 100 percent segregated between the two ports.

“Triple play — voice, video, and data — continues to dominate the worldwide Ethernet arena,” said Dr. Jung-Chen Lin, vice president of Micrel’s Ethernet group. “Micrel’s Ethernet solutions are developed to address the growing need for cost-effective, flexible and low power solutions in this space. In addition, Micrel’s LinkMD™ continues the trend toward lowering costs by offering an advanced diagnostic tool capable of quickly and efficiently diagnosing common cabling problems.”

The KS8842M offers four priority queues to improve Quality of Services (QoS). It provides IPv6 MLD snooping capabilities to permit IPv6 packets to be identified and sent to the host processor for further processing. This provides customers with flexibility to process IPv4 and IPv6 packets, as well as use the device in triple-play applications. Auto-MDIXs, a standard feature in all Micrel’s Ethernet devices, enables straight or crossover cables to be connected to the device, taking the guess work away for the end user. The device also features Micrel’s recently launched Link Doctor (LinkMD™), a cable diagnostic package that enables diagnosis of common cabling problems. Rapid diagnosis of cabling conditions, including distance to fault information, results in reduced customer calls (truck rolls or product returns) and IT service requests.

Jueves, 30 Junio, 2005 - 07:50
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