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Semtech Debuts Miniature Battery Chargers for Consumer Electronics
CAMARILLO, Calif. - Semtech Corp. announced the SC805 and SC806 ultra-small battery charger devices designed for consumer electronics applications including cable chargers, personal media devices and mobile phones.
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Summit Releases World's First Multi-Output Power IC with Fully Programmable Battery Charging
San Jose, Calif. - Summit Microelectronics has announced the next generation of Programmable Power Manager multi-output power supply ICs. Following the widely acclaimed first generation products, the new SMB122 focuses on portable power applications, adding key features such as programmable battery management and integrated FET's. he SMB122 also provides enhanced flexibility and programmability compared to the first generation as users can now change functionality of several outputs in addition to parametric adjustment. With Summit's easy to use development environment users digitally program the entire multiple output power supply and associated power management functions with a few clicks of a mouse. Compared to the tedious iterative hardware design of conventional analog power IC's the Summit solution can significantly improve development cycle time.
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White Snow-Flake Shape Indoor/Outdoor LED Christmas Light Set
TORRANCE, CA – LEDtronics announces the release of it’s White Snow-Flake Shape Indoor/Outdoor LED Christmas lights that have the look and appeal of traditional incandescent Christmas lights but without the hot bulbs and fire hazard to worry about. LED Christmas lights are always cool to the touch so theirs one less thing to worry about during the holidays or as part of your commercial lighting set.
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IBM, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and Toshiba unveil details of the cell microprocessor
Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., (Sony and SCE together referred to as "Sony Group") and Toshiba today announced the release of key documents that describe technical details of the revolutionary Cell Broadband Engine architecture.
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Fairchild Semiconductor Launches Smart Search
South Portland, Maine - Fairchild Semiconductor introduces Smart Search, a web-based search engine that simultaneously searches multiple integrated databases on the company’s website, providing design engineers easy access to new products, cross reference data, technical literature, obsolete products, application notes and other vital information. Other search mechanisms on the market today require keywords to be individually entered into various cross-reference and product information databases. Unlike this time-consuming, hit-and-miss process, Smart Search allows customers and other interested individuals to type keywords into one comprehensive search tool for fast, streamlined results including the top five parametrics, new product announcements and application-related products.
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Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces the Industry’s Most Highly Integrated Standard Definition, Precision Video Filter/Driver for Set-Top Boxes and Personal Video Recorders
San Jose, Calif - Fairchild Semiconductor’s FMS6406 is the industry’s most highly integrated standard definition, low-pass reconstruction video filter/driver. This device features an integrated sound notch and output drivers that meet the latest cable and satellite set-top box performance requirements of 170 ns group delay predistortion. The FMS6406 compensates for the inherent distortion in the TV receiver by including a group delay and chroma-luma delay FCC predistortion circuit that prevents the image’s high-frequency edges from appearing distorted on the TV screen. The notch filter creates a window in the video signal at approximately 4.5 MHz to eliminate interference between the audio and video before these signals are combined in the channel 3 / 4 RF modulator.
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TTPCom selects Freescale RF for CBEmacro 2G (EDGE) platform
TEMPE, Arizona — Freescale Semiconductor's Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution (EDGE) RF subsystem has been selected for the TTPCom cellular baseband engine (CBEmacro) 2G modem design. The combination of Freescale's proven RF experience with TTPCom's expertise in designing communications subsystems will reduce time to market for terminal and silicon manufacturers.
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Freescale steers automotive market forward with industry-first FlexRay™ device
AUSTIN, Texas — Freescale Semiconductor's MFR4200 FlexRay™ controller is now available in production quantities. With the introduction of the first automotive-qualified FlexRay device, Freescale is helping advance the automotive industry's development of next-generation automotive control applications.
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CoreFFT Generator Strengthens Actel's Evolving DSP IP Portfolio
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Illustrating its commitment to deliver functional and efficient DSP solutions to its customers, Actel Corporation introduced CoreFFT, an intellectual property (IP) core generator that produces optimized fast Fourier transform (FFT) cores for use with Actel's flash- and antifuse-based families of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). CoreFFT is designed for high-reliability applications requiring resistance to high temperature, firm-error immunity and radiation tolerance, such as radar, ground and air communications, acoustics, oil production, and medical signal processing. CoreFFT produces FPGA-optimized modules that perform FFTs to convert a signal from the time domain to the frequency domain in order to show the spectral content of the signal.
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New Actel Low-Cost Starter Kit Demonstrates Secure In-System Programmability of ProASIC3/E FPGAs
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Giving developers of high volume applications the capability to incorporate secure in-system programmability (ISP) for the first time in their products, Actel Corporation today announced immediate availability of the ProASIC3 starter kit and sampling of its 250K-gate A3P250 field-programmable gate array (FPGA). Actel unveiled dual versions of the starter kit to ease design implementation and offer low-cost, full-speed programming for the A3P250 device. Available in both a prototyping and a low-cost evaluation version, the starter kit allows the exploration of the architectural features unique to the ProASIC3/E family, including secure ISP and live at power-up capability.
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