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Fixed-Frequency CCFL Controller with Synchronization and Phase-Shift Features for Multilamp Applications
SUNNYVALE, CA -Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) introduces the MAX8729, a fully integrated controller optimized to drive multiple cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) used in LCD monitor and TV applications. The MAX8729 drives multiple lamps by using a half-bridge inverter consisting of two external n-channel power MOSFETs. Its half-bridge topology minimizes the component count, while providing near sinusoidal drive waveforms over the entire input range. The MAX8729 operates in resonant mode during striking, and switches over to fixed-frequency operation after the lamps are lit. This unique feature ensures reliable striking under all conditions and reduces transformer stress.
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8 x 8 Matrix Graphic LED Drivers with 4-Wire Serial Interface Offload Display Tasks from a Microcontroller for Message-Board Applications
SUNNYVALE, CA-August 29, 2005-Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) introduces the MAX6960-MAX6963 compact cathode-row display drivers that interface microprocessors to 8 x 8 dot- matrix red, green, and yellow (R, G, Y) LED displays through a high-speed 4-wire serial interface. The MAX6960-MAX6963 are feature-rich LED drivers that offload the display tasks from the microprocessor, simplifying design, reducing software overhead, and improving time-to-market for message board, gaming machine and audio/video equipment applications.
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Low-Power, High-Voltage Detection/Protection Circuits Operate Up to 72V for High-Voltage Transient Systems
SUNNYVALE, CA -Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX6495-MAX6499 overvoltage protection circuits that operate as a switch controller to either disconnect or limit the output voltage to a load during an overvoltage condition. The circuits turn off an external n-channel MOSFET with an internal 100mA pulldown current when the monitored voltage exceeds its overvoltage threshold. These low-power devices consume only 20 microamps of quiescent current and operate from 5.5V to 72V, making them suitable for automotive, industrial, and server applications.
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NI Releases 10 New Express VIs and Highest-Performance PCI Board for Sound and Vibration Applications
National Instruments today announced the release of a 24-bit data acquisition and generation module, the NI PCI-4461, marking the highest-performance dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) board on the PCI bus with a 118 dB dynamic range. The release also includes the National Instruments LabVIEW Sound and Vibration Toolkit Version 4, with 10 new Express VIs for simplified application development. These new products add to the comprehensive NI hardware and software tools for sound and vibration applications, including PXI, PCI and USB measurement devices and powerful, easy-to-use analysis software.
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NI Introduces Industry’s First Products for Laptop Control of PXI/CompactPCI
Engineers now can directly control a PXI/CompactPCI system from a laptop computer using new National Instruments ExpressCard MXI and PCMCIA CardBus interfaces. This new capability is ideal for portable and mobile applications, such as in-vehicle data logging, machine condition monitoring and field tests including RF spectral monitoring, in a variety of industries including automotive and military/aerospace.
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New NI M Series Data Acquisition Board Lowers Connectivity Costs by 80 Percent
Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and engineers interested in low-cost I/O connectivity and custom cabling now can take advantage of 80 percent lower connectivity costs with the new National Instruments PCI-6221 (37-Pin) multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) board. While the PCI-6221 (37-Pin) DAQ board includes the technologies featured on other low-cost M Series DAQ devices, including the NI-STC 2 system controller, the new board uses a 37-pin D-Sub connector for commercially available I/O connectivity. Because basic shielding connectivity solutions for 37-pin devices are now available at prices four to five times lower than 68-pin devices, engineers can take advantage of low-cost connectivity while integrating high-quality NI data acquisition boards. .
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National Instruments Announces Its First-Ever Six-Slot PXI Chassis for Low-Cost Remote Control Applications
Engineers now can use the first-ever National Instruments six-slot PXI chassis for low-cost remote control and portable real-time control. For remote control, a PC, server or workstation controls the PXI chassis through MXI-Express, a transparent PCI Express-to-PCI bridge. Engineers also can use MXI-4 for traditional remote control of PXI.
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Low-Cost National Instruments Data Acquisition Boards Deliver Simultaneous- Sampling Rates up to 3 MS/s on Desktop Computers
National Instruments today announced four new simultaneous-sampling S Series data acquisition (DAQ) devices for the PCI bus, raising the performance of PC-based instrumentation with simultaneous-sampling rates up to 3 MS/s. The NI PCI-6133, NI PCI-6132, NI PCI-6123 and NI PCI-6122 boards offer high-density, low-cost options ideal for general-purpose data acquisition and automated test, ultrasonics, ballistics, acoustics, high-energy physics and radar applications.
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National Instruments Drives Data Acquisition Innovation with Industry’s First PCI Express Multifunction DAQ Devices

National Instruments today released the industry’s first PC-based multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) devices for PCI Express. The new NI PCIe-6251 and NI PCIe-6259 DAQ devices combine the high-performance PCI Express bus with the technology advancements of National Instruments M Series DAQ to offer engineers and scientists fast analog and digital I/O with the dedicated per-slot bandwidth of PCI Express. The new devices feature up to 32 analog channels with 16 bit, 1.25 MS/s sampling speed and 10 MHz digital I/O on up to 32 lines.

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Analog Devices, National Instruments Streamline Embedded Development with LabVIEW Embedded Technology for Blackfin Processors

Analog Devices Inc. and National Instruments today announced availability for the public beta version of the NI LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors, which provides design engineers early access to a seamless, graphical dataflow development paradigm to directly target Blackfin Processors. With this new intuitive software, more engineers can take advantage of embedded technology to increase productivity and reduce time to application.

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