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Micrel Launches New 2-Port Switch For ‘Triple Play’ Applications
San Jose, Calif. — Micrel Inc. today announced the KS8842M, the industry’s first 2-port Ethernet device, with a third port that can be directly connected to microprocessors through a generic 8-or 16-bit (Micrel’s KS8842-16MQL) or 32-bit (Micrel’s KS8842-32MQL) bus interface. The new Ethernet solution is aimed at embedded and industrial networking applications.
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Intersil Introduces True Single Supply Video Driver
MILPITAS, CA – Intersil Corporation today announced the release of the ISL59830, a new triple video driver that runs off a single 3.3V supply. The ISL59830 generates a negative voltage internally, thus removing the need for external coupling capacitors. The elimination of the external capacitors and need for negative supply rail reduces the overall system cost. This makes the device perfect for applications driving RGB or YPbPr video signals.
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Step-Up DC-DC Converter for TFT-LCD
SUNNYVALE, -Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX8740, a high-performance, step-up DC-DC converter that provides a regulated supply voltage for active-matrix thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). The MAX8740 incorporates current-mode, fixed-frequency, pulse-width modulation (PWM) circuitry with a built-in n-channel power MOSFET to achieve high efficiency and fast transient response
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12-Bit ADC Samples Up to 250Msps
SUNNYVALE, CA -Maxim Integrated Products sets a new 12-bit sampling-speed standard with the introduction of the MAX1215, a 12-bit 250Msps analog-to-digital converter (ADC). At 250Msps, this new ADC has the world's fastest sample rate at the 12-bit level, and delivers outstanding dynamic performance over input frequencies as high as 300MHz. The MAX1215 is ideal for designers who need to implement higher order power-amplifier predistortion, because the 250Msps update rate allows them to sample wider bandwidths with greater dynamic range than could have been sampled before. The device also consumes 34% less power than the closest competitor, whose sampling rate is only 210Msps.
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World's First Sample-and-Infinite-Hold Voltage Reference is Ideal for Systems Requiring Voltage Adjustment During Factory Calibration
DALLAS, TX —Dallas Semiconductor today announced the introduction of the DS4303, the world's first sample-and-infinite-hold voltage reference.
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Dual-Channel Temperature Monitors and Fan-Speed Controllers with Thermistor Inputs
SUNNYVALE, CA -Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX6615*/MAX6616, 1°C accurate, dual-channel temperature monitor and fan controllers. Each new monitor/controller controls the speed of two cooling fans based on the temperatures either of two thermistors, or one thermistor and the device's internal temperature. For added flexibility, the MAX6616 features six GPIOs that can be used for setting POR states and controlling VID.
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Gyration Selects Cypress's WirelessUSB(TM) Radio System-on-a-Chip
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY) today announced that Gyration, a Thomson company, is utilizing Cypress's WirelessUSB(TM) radio-system-on-a-chip in its latest wireless mouse and keyboard. Powered by Gyration's motion-sensing gyroscope - the MG1101 MicroGyro - the new Gyration product enables mouse-like cursor controllability with the ability to move freely around the home or office, and without the need of a flat surface. Coupled with a compact keyboard equipped with 15 Internet/multimedia hot keys, this wireless desktop set is ideal for both media center/home entertainment PC owners and gaming enthusiasts.
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International Rectifier Introduces 12V, 100A Active ORing Reference Design that Reduces Component Count and Size by 50%
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - International Rectifier today introduced a reference design for +12V, 100A ORing applications. Active ORing has long replaced diode ORing in high current 12V systems due to system efficiency and cost benefits. Now, the IRAC5001 solution provides a further advance by reducing the number of FETs needed by 50% compared to rivals' equivalent TO-220 devices. In addition, solution volume is reduced by at least 60%, enabled by the DirectFET MOSFET double-sided cooling capability.
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DALLAS and TAIWAN - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today announced that Z-Com, a leading global wireless broadband ODM, has selected TI's Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Voice over IP (VoIP) products for its universal serial bus (USB) adapter and residential gateway (RG) module product lines, enabling consumers to benefit from high quality, integrated broadband data, wireless and voice applications.
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Freescale ramps production of 16-bit HCS12X microcontroller family
AUSTIN, Texas – Freescale Semiconductor’s HCS12X family of 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) is now available to the general market. The HCS12X family offers an easy performance upgrade (up to 40MHz) for current HCS12 MCU customers and gives new customers a powerful and flexible platform to develop complex control systems for industrial applications.
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