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IBM Helps EBS Building Society to Enhance Its Business Flexibility, and Speed to Market via Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)
DUBLIN, IRELAND - : IBM, has released details of a significant project with EBS Building Society, one of Ireland's largest building societies. The agreement, part of EBS' IT upgrade strategy, is to enhance its business flexibility by implementing a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) which will enable the company to connect seamlessly online with thousands of mortgage brokers in Ireland.

EBS is a building society which operates on cooperative mutual principles. It has been providing home loans to its members since 1935 and today commands in excess of a 10 percent share of the EUR 26 billion Irish home loan market.
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IBM Virtualization Technology Helps Leading Wireless Provider Double Customer Reach
ARMONK, NY -: IBM, today announced that a leading cellular telephone provider, T-Mobile Direct, has implemented IBM virtualization technology to simplify the management of technology resources for its retail stores, helping save the company thousands of dollars per month in data center and personnel costs.

T-Mobile Direct, which oversees the growing retail network, telesales and online activities of T-Mobile, the UK network for Deutsche Telekom, was tasked with more than doubling the number of UK retail stores from 128 to 303 stores within one year. With the expected rise in sales volumes at its retail stores, T-Mobile Direct needed to increase the capacity and performance of core business systems, while simultaneously easing its IT management infrastructure.
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AccuWeather to Deliver Timely, Localized Weather Information via IBM Emerging Technology
STATE COLLEGE, PA -: AccuWeather, Inc., The World's Weather Authority®, announced today that it will soon deliver mission-critical weather information via IBM's emerging Web 2.0 technology, QEDWiki enterprise mashup maker, to businesses and markets worldwide.

Mashup technologies have the potential to speed access to data that reside within corporate and business data warehouses, databases, or spreadsheets without the need to develop complex, custom applications. IBM's QEDWiki technology enables business professionals to rapidly design their own situational applications combining weather information with their own enterprise data systems and other third-party data content.
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IBM DB2 9 Data Server Expands XML Presence
ARMONK, NY -: IBM, today introduced a series of quick start software bundles for the DB2 9 data server designed to help clients adapt their information management environments to meet new standards for handling XML data.

The new DB2 9 pureXML quick start bundles help database administrators and software developers to load XML industry exchange messages and schemas more easily, and to define XML queries and indexes for business applications. The first of these bundles are based on specific industry XML standards that support FIXML and FpML, which are formats developed for the financial industry. The industry-specific XML message exchange formats provide methods to exchange XML data information between and within companies.
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IBM Announces DB2 9 Express-C Support for Windows Vista
ARMONK, NY - : IBM, today announced the availability of DB2 9 Express-C for Vista, a new version of the versatile and easy-to-deploy data server tailored for the new Windows Vista operating system and openly available for download, at no cost, to customers, developers and partners.

With DB2 Express-C for Vista, IBM is increasing its commitment to enabling and supporting the growing community of DB2 developers and customers, making it easier for them to create and deploy applications and solutions that meet their changing information management requirements regardless of platform or OS changes.
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Astron and IBM Team To Help Research the First Origins Of The Universe
Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Armonk, NY -: ASTRON, one of the world's leading astronomy research organizations, today announced a new collaborative agreement with IBM, focusing on the design, engineering and manufacturing of customized, high performance analogue and mixed signal processing chips. The high performance, low power usage customized chips will be used in thousands of antennas as part of ASTRON's project to build a new prototype radio telescope called SKADS/EMBRACE, which will be the precursor for the world’s largest radio astronomy telescope, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope. Financial terms are not being disclosed.
A global community of astronomers is setting out to build the world’s largest radio telescope, called the SKA radio telescope. This extremely powerful survey telescope will have millions of antennas collecting radio signals, forming the equivalent of a 1 sq Km collecting area, and spread over a huge surface area -- over 3000 Km wide -- about the size of the continental United States. The goal of the SKA radio telescope is to peer deep into space and look at evolving galaxies, dark matter and perhaps even the very origins of the universe – dating back more than 13 billion years.
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IBM Helps Panasonic Deliver New Panasonic Plasma Concierge Services Online
ARMONK, NY -: IBM, today announced it worked with Panasonic to create a web platform for the company's Plasma TV customer support program. The new online version of the Panasonic Plasma Concierge program includes access to exclusive online content, personalized product information, online priority service scheduling and service updates.

Launched in June, the Panasonic Plasma Concierge is designed to provide dedicated live technical support and personalized services to current and new owners of Panasonic Plasma televisions. Panasonic, the industry leader in Plasma and HDTV, is investing more than $15 million in this unique program, including upgrading its customer call center capabilities, enhancing its website and taking measures to improve the overall customer experience.
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D.C. 911 Calls Answered Within Five Seconds With IBM Call Center Solution
WASHINGTON, DC - : Emergency responders can now answer calls for help from city residents within five seconds with a new integrated phone system designed, developed and installed by IBM.

With the new Unified Communications Center 99.7 percent of emergency calls are answered within five seconds with most calls answered in less than one second. That compares to a national average of about 10 seconds.

The new center integrates emergency call centers for D.C. police, fire, rescue and emergency responders and can handle an estimated 2.65 million calls a year.
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Made in IBM Labs: IBM Helps HDFC Bank Extract Information Insight to Enhance Customer Care
ARMONK, NY and BANGALORE, INDIA - : IBM, announced today that HDFC Bank Limited, the second largest private bank in India, has selected IBM for an industry-first information management software project designed to help HDFC rapidly enhance customer care and identify new business opportunities.
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IBM Lotus Sametime, AOL's AIM, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger Create World's Largest Business Instant Messaging Community
ARMONK, NY --: IBM, today announced that IBM Lotus Sametime instant messaging customers can now communicate with users of AIM and the Google Talk™ instant messaging service and interoperability with Yahoo!® Messenger will be available in the coming weeks. Connecting the instant messaging communities will enable Lotus Sametime users to send and receive instant messages with, and view the presence awareness status of, more than 157 million instant messaging users worldwide.
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