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Cypress To Host Free Online Seminar On Touch Screen Essentials On December 6
SAN JOSE, Calif., - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. today announced that it will host a free online seminar that explores touch sensitive interfaces. The 60-minute seminar entitled "Touch Screen Essentials," will be presented in conjunction with CMP Media's Electronic Engineering Times on Wednesday, December 6 at 9:00 a.m. PST.
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SRS Labs’ WOW HD technology now available on BlueCore5-Multimedia
Cambridge, UK – CSR plc has announced a further third-party software enhancement for its BlueCore5-Multimedia platform. Capitalising on the strength of its eXtension Partner Programme, CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia now offers SRS Labs’ new stereo audio enhancement technology. SRS WOW HD™ technology provides CSR’s BlueCore with cleaner, livelier audio quality, purity to spatial information , advanced bass enhancement and an innovative centre control feature. The SRS WOW HD implementation, one of the industry’s best known stereo audio enhancement technologies,. greatly improves the quality of music transmitted over Bluetooth.
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CSR adds text-to-speech to its BlueCore5-Multimedia platform
Cambridge, UK – CSR has further expanded the capabilities of its BlueCore5-Multimedia platform with the addition of NowSpeak Technologies to CSR’s eXtension Partner Programme. NowSpeak’s Mobile TTS software for BlueCore has been developed to run on CSR’s powerful Kalimba DSP, providing text-to-speech capabilities for Bluetooth headsets and in-car handsfree systems using CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia silicon.
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CSR and Sonaptic partnership brings stereo enhancement and bass boost technologies to CSR’s multimedia Bluetooth solution
Cambridge, UK – CSR plc and Sonaptic today announced that Sonaptic Sound EngineTM technology is now available on CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia silicon. Sonaptic is the latest in a series of CSR eXtension Partners – a programme designed to offer mobile device manufacturers the highest quality and most feature-rich Bluetooth audio solution available.
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Cirrus Logic Launches Innovative, Highly Integrated Audio IC for Digital Television, Consumer Electronics Applications
TOKYO – Cirrus Logic Inc’s new CS4525 is an innovative, highly integrated single-chip Class D Amplifier for the rapidly expanding global flat-panel digital television market. The CS4525 is notable because it integrates a stereo analog-to-digital converter, sample-rate converter, digital audio processor and a complete 30-watt Class D amplifier, including the controller and power stage. Moreover, the CS4525 is unique because it supports both incoming analog and digital audio signals, and its highly efficient power stage eliminates the need for a heat sink in system designs.
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Cirrus Logic DTV Audio Processors Offer Flat-Panel Digital Television OEMs an Extensive Set of Advanced Audio Features
TOKYO – In an effort to help manufacturers of flat-panel televisions drive increased sales and market share through product differentiation, Cirrus Logic Inc. has introduced the CS48520 and CS48540 advanced digital television audio processors. These new DTV audio processors are complete audio post-processing solutions that deliver home-theater-like audio quality and features, helping manufacturers to deliver improved audio performance that consumers are increasingly demanding.
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Cirrus Logic Introduces the Most Flexible, Highest-Performing Audio Codec with Integrated Class D Speaker Driver
TOKYO – Broadening its portfolio of low-power audio converter integrated circuits (ICs) for portable applications, Cirrus Logic Inc. has launched the 24-bit CS42L52 low-power stereo codec. With its high levels of integration and high-performance audio output, the CS42L52 saves overall system costs by eliminating the need for numerous external components. Providing up to one watt-per-channel of highly efficient Class D amplification to external speakers, or enough power to drive 44 milliwatts per channel into stereo headphones, this portable audio codec also offers the flexibility to run its core from a single power supply and directly connect the Class-D amplifier to the battery supply for a more efficient operation. This combination of flexible features makes the CS42L52 an ideal audio codec for portable consumer electronics applications such as portable media players, game devices, MP3 player accessories, IC recorders, digital cameras and camcorders.
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Fairchild Semiconductor’s UMLP-Packaged USB 2.0 Switch Offers Industry-Leading Data Transfer, Space Savings in a Range of Electronic Applications
South Portland, Maine--- Fairchild Semiconductor introduces a USB 2.0 switch that maximizes board real estate and downloading performance in today’s increasingly compact and sophisticated electronics. The FSUSB30 combines industry-leading bandwidth (>720MHz), low on-capacitance (6pF) and the highest available ESD protection (8kV) in a very small (1.4mm x 1.8mm x 0.55mm) UMLP device. These attributes result in rapid data transfer, diminished ESD effects and excellent signal integrity. In addition to saving space in even the smallest end applications, the FSUSB30’s fast switching performance makes it ideal for a myriad of products that switch between USB/high-frequency signals, from slider cell phones and MP3 players to notebooks and in-car entertainment centers.
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Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces the Industry’s Only Dual-Supply Bi-Directional Translator with Independent-Direction Controls
South Portland, Maine–– Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FXL2TD245, the first dual-supply bi-directional translator on the market configurable for both uni-directional and independent bi-directional voltage translation between two logic levels. In addition to offering designers unparalleled design flexibility in a wide variety of low-voltage applications, this MicroPak™-packaged translator helps them dramatically save board space. The FXL2TD245 measures only 0.55mm x 1.6mm x 2.1mm, which is 80 percent smaller than comparable dual-supply translators in SOIC packages. It also replaces two 1-bit components used in typical designs. This ultra-compact translator is ideal for use in cell phones, PDAs, gaming devices and other portable applications, although its wide voltage range (1.1-3.6V) accommodates the voltage requirements of a variety of consumer and idustrial applications.
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Fairchild Semiconductor-Power Integrations Trial Canceled Because of Pending U.S. Supreme Court Case
South Portland, Maine − Fairchild Semiconductor announced today that its jury trial set to begin Monday against Power Integrations, Inc. has been canceled by order of the Delaware U.S. District Court. The court questioned whether the KSR v. Teleflex case, currently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, and argued only days ago on November 28, 2006, might impact the dispute between Fairchild and Power Integrations.
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