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First High-Efficiency, High-Power, Fast-Transient-Response LED Driver Controller for Projection and Lighting Applications
SUNNYVALE, CA— Maxim Integrated Products, introduces the MAX16818 high-efficiency LED-driver controller for projection and lighting applications, that utilize the next-generation of high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The MAX16818 is the first LED-driver controller that enables Maxim's patent-pending technology for rapid LED-current transients of up to 20A/µs and 30kHz dimming frequency.
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MagnaChip Launches Mass Production of a Series of LCD Drivers for Mobile Phones
SEOUL, South Korea, - MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd., a leading global designer, developer and manufacturer of image sensor solutions, mixed-signal and digital multimedia semiconductors, today, announced the mass production of a series of its high resolution LCD driver chips for handset and mobile phone applications.
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DES PLAINES, Illinois, – Littelfuse, Inc., today announced plans to transfer its semiconductor wafer manufacturing from Irving, Texas to Wuxi, China in a phased transition over the next three to four years. Upon completion of the transfer, the Irving facility will be closed.
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LTC2499: I2C, 24-Bit, 16-Channel Delta-Sigma ADC with Easy-Drive Input Current Cancellation Includes High-Accuracy Temperature Sensor
MILPITAS, CA – Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC2499, a 16-channel delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that communicates via an I2C-compatible serial interface and includes a unique analog input architecture. The LTC2499’s Easy Drive™ front-end design results in zero average differential input current, allowing measurements of high impedance input sources without the use of an internal buffer. This patented sampling scheme simplifies the design of front-end signal conditioning circuits and allows the ADC to be driven directly from bridges, RTDs, thermocouples and high impedance sensors. Rail-to-rail input signals can be directly digitized while maintaining excellent DC accuracy (2ppm INL).
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LTC2912: Single Supply Undervoltage and Overvoltage Monitor Provides Precise and Space Saving Solution
Milpitas, California, — Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC2912, a single undervoltage (UV) and overvoltage (OV) monitor for space-conscious applications. Housed in a tiny 3mm x 2mm DFN package, the voltage monitoring inputs of the LTC2912 include filtering to reject brief glitches, thus ensuring reliable reset operation without false or noisy triggering. Programmed by external resistors, the UV and OV trip thresholds have a guaranteed ±1.5% threshold accuracy of monitored voltages over temperature and give users the flexibility to tailor the IC to their specific voltage levels.
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LeCroy Introduces Gen2 PCI Express Link Trainer
LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, today introduced the Gen2 PCI Express LinkUP™ Trainer, the companion development tool for the PCI Express PETracer™ Gen2 Summit Analyzer shipped in August this year. Companies developing PCI Express Gen2 products and need a controllable host or device running at 5 Gb/s speeds will find the LinkUP Exerciser essential for development.
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LeCroy Introduces BitTracer™ To Combine Features of Logic Analyzers and Protocol Analyzers
LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, today announced the introduction of the BitTracer, an optional software package that runs on the PETracer™ Gen2 Summit PCI Express Protocol Analyzer. BitTracer offers developers a physical layer view of PCI Express traffic, similar to what might be displayed on a logic analyzer, but provides this capability on a protocol analyzer. This means that developers can view bit stream traffic before it is decoded to high-level packets, to better understand where signal integrity issues may be causing data corruption.
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LeCroy Introduces New Advanced Mezzanine Card Probe for PCI Express Analysis
LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, today introduced a new Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) Interposer for the PETracer™ PCI Express Protocol Analyzer product line. This new AMC Interposer makes it easier to analyzer traffic between AMC modules and their respective host systems by decreasing probing setup times.
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HILLSBORO, OR - Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, today announced it has achieved certification of its quality systems to Automotive Industry Quality Standard ISO/TS 16949. The certification is formal recognition that Lattice provides its automotive customers with programmable devices that meet rigorous standards for quality and reliability. Lattice has previously satisfied the stringent requirements of additional quality standards, including ISO 9001 and MIL-PRF-38535.
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IBM Turns On Virtual Blades for Partners, Helps Growing Ecosystem Accelerate Solutions to Blade Market
ARMONK, NY - : IBM, announced today that it is expanding its Virtual Loaner Program (VLP) to include IBM BladeCenter, enabling IBM Business Partners to have free remote access to the latest IBM computing systems to develop new applications without having to invest in added IT infrastructure.

IBM has taken a different approach from competitors by opening up BladeCenter's architecture to create market and revenue opportunities for hundreds of companies selling peripherals like network and storage cards, switches and software. To date more than 700 companies have received the BladeCenter design specifications or are part of the BladeCenter Alliance Program, and more than 80 additional companies have joined, a collaborative community working to drive the future of the blade computing. With the Virtual Loaner Program, IBM is offering this growing ecosystem of partners another resource to help accelerate solutions to market.
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