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La creencia en el valor de la verdad científica no procede de la naturaleza, sino que es producto de determinadas culturas.

Max Weber(1864-1920).
Economista, político y sociólogo alemán.
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ECD Announces Ovonyx and Samsung Sign Technology Licensing Agreement for Phase-Change Memory
Santa Clara, Calif., Seoul, Korea — Ovonyx, Inc. ('Ovonyx') and Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. ("Samsung") announced that they have entered into a long-term license agreement under Ovonyx' intellectual property relating to Ovonic Universal Memory (OUM) thin-film semiconductor memory technology.
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Dataforth Adds Strain Gage Modules to 8B Family of Isolated Analog Signal Conditioners
Dataforth Corporation of Tucson, Arizona, has just introduced the latest additions to its family of SensorLex™ 8B isolated analog signal conditioners: 8B38 strain gage input modules with a choice of 3Hz or 8kHz signal bandwidth.
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American Bright Introduces High-Intensity 3- and 4-Watt LED Modules To Offer Cost-Effective,
Chino, CA - American Bright Optoelectronics has announced a breakthrough in power LED capabilities, with its new NovaBriteTM 3-Watt LED unit packaging, offering one of the industry's highest powered devices, capable of displaying 6500K (IF = 350mA) with an input power of 3.0 Watts (PD) in standard colors, and a uniquely brighter white, 120-lumen unit capable of handling up to 4.0 Watts. Immediate cost-savings can be realized with the use of this type of single lens, high-power LED as a simple, more reliable alternative to incandescant lighting, and a contender for replacement of higher cost, higher temperature lighting such as Metal Halide. Applications include safety lighting, crossing gate and warning lighting, taillights, light torches, desk lamps, flashlights, and large-screen LCD backlighting, interior lighting for automotive, architectural lighting, and other space-conscious applications. It is also considered a high-intensity light source for general lighting needs requiring a high intensity, long-life light source, and where thermal management is a key design/function criterion.
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Vitesse Introduces Grooming Switches That Enable Lowest Cost, Next-generation Access and Metro Equipment
CAMARILLO, Calif. - Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. announced two new additions to its industry-leading SONET/SDH Time Slot Interchange (TSI) grooming switch family: the VSC9190, 50 Gbps TSI Switch, and the VSC9191, 100 Gbps TSI Switch. Both devices are targeted at dramatically reducing power and complexity of SONET grooming applications, while simultaneously simplifying and accelerating the system level design process. These devices reduce power requirements by more than 50% over comparable solutions, and, by incorporating automatic protection switching and rate aggregation into a single device, reduce board chip count by a factor of five, dramatically shrinking space requirements and lowering costs.
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New Semtech Pin Electronics Device Increases Accuracy and Performance of High-Speed Differential Signal Testing
Semtech Corp. - announced the E7725, a dual-channel high-performance driver and window comparator for test and measurement equipment. The E7725 is the first component to combine both signal drive and receive capabilities that are capable of driving and receiving in either single-ended or fully differential modes.
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LEDtronics announces LED Plant Light Bars for Plant Growth.
How do plants capture and use light? This question has been studied and researched for decades, and researchers have long known that plants use different frequencies of light, or different colors of light, for different purposes. Some colors of light make plants grow and bloom, while others promote compact growth, and some aren't really used much at all. For example, the leaves of plants look green because they reflect green light. If a plant reflects a color of light instead of absorbing it, that color isn't used to help a plant grow.
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Cypress's Programmable Radio-on-a-Chip(TM) (PRoC(TM)) Wins EDN China's 2005 Innovation of the Year Award
Beijing, China - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. today announced that its Programmable Radio-on-a-Chip(TM) (PRoC(TM)) product has been honored with the "Innovation of the Year Award" for 2005 by EDN China, one of the leading global electronics magazines in China. PRoC combines Cypress's WirelessUSB(TM) 2.4-GHz radio-on-a-chip with the company's PSoC(TM) (Programmable System-on-Chip(TM)) mixed-signal array, all in a single, integrated product.
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FRAMINGHAM, Mass., - Artesyn Technologies has launched a series of high-efficiency full-brick isolated DC-DC converters designed specifically for use with RF (radio frequency) power amplifiers and similar telecom equipment. The new RFF series of converters comprises five 28 V output models, offering a choice of two input voltage ranges and three output current ratings for optimal applications flexibility. All five models feature high power output capabilities and are rated for continuous operation across a wide temperature range, making them ideal for use with high availability equipment deployed in demanding outdoor environments, such as cellular basestations and last mile broadband systems. The top of the range RFF700 model is capable of delivering 25 A at 28 V (700 W), yielding a power density in excess of 127 W/in3.
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International Rectifier Introduces 100V-Rated Integrated MOSFET Solution for PoE Applications Slashing Footprint Up To 80%
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — International Rectifier, IR® introduced the IRF4000, a 100V-rated device integrating four HEXFET® MOSFETs into a single Power MLP package for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications. The new device complies to the IEEE 802.3af specification for networking and communications infrastructure systems, such as Ethernet switches, routers and hubs, delivering up to 15W per port, replacing four individual SOT-223-packaged MOSFETs. The reduced footprint equates to a space savings of up to 80%, or three square inches of circuit board area in a typical 48-port board.
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Atmel's High-performance UHF IDIC Demo Kit Supports Long-range RFID Applications
Heilbronn, Germany - Atmel® announced today the availability of the new UHF RFID long-range demo kit for the evaluation of its high-performance TAGIDU™ IDIC® ATA5590. The demo kit supports a broad range of applications including (intelligent) logistics, supply chain management, anti-counterfeiting, medical, and more.
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